Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You, Johnny Cash

I try really hard not to make this blog nauseating.

As in "look at this adorable picture of my baby playing with a puppy and carrying a flower!" or other such drivel that might make a reasonable person barf. But the events of the past few days made it really hard to avoid gag-worthy subject matter -- until Johnny Cash entered the picture and saved us all.

The first super-cute thing that happened was that Peapod got her first two wheeled bike. Well, actually four wheels if you count the training wheels in back. Which of course dictates that I insert at least one gratuitous cute picture of subject riding said bike. See below.

Please accept my deepest apologies for the fact that her outfit matches the bike. She picked out her clothes that morning and at that time, I had only seen the colors of the bike on the Craigslist photo online, so I did not realize the full potential for visual assault until we arrived at the seller's home. And as anyone knows who has driven across town to "look at" something on Craigslist -- it was too late by then. We had already fallen in love with the bike -- and the little girl it used to belong to.

Then, before we recovered from the bike purchase, 24 hours had passed and The Edge was sitting on a rocket ship at Little Kutz, getting his very first haircut. Insert second gratuitous cute photo.

Ridiculous, right?

Just when I was thinking I had a normal family, Peapod reminded me otherwise and saved the day. We were driving to her swim lesson this morning when Johnny Cash came on the radio singing "Ring of Fire."

Peapod: Who is this singing?

Me: It's Johnny Cash.

Peapod: It's just like that blue guy!

Me: What?

Johnny Cash: Love's a burnin' thing and it makes a firey ring...

Peapod: See? It's like that blue guy from China!

Now, by way of some background, the Esposo's parents had just returned from the World Expo in Shanghai, China and they brought the kids some souvenirs. One of them was a little stuffed version of the Expo's mascot, named Haibao. Earlier that morning Peapod had inexplicably named him Johnny Cash instead. Not just Johnny. Johnny Cash. This is him.

Me: I think his name is Haibao. He's the mascot from the...

Peapod: What?

Me: Never mind.

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