Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sap in the City

The Esposo just gave me a super fantastic Memorial Day gift: he took both kids for the afternoon and urged me to do something that I deemed "fun." Left with the prospect of several hours without kids, a husband, or a meal to cook, I sort of panicked for a minute. Or five. First I worked out. Then I realized that working out did not qualify as "fun." Afterward, I actually caught myself folding laundry because I though it would be nice to "get ahead." Ahead of what, you moron? GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU SWIFFER SOMETHING.

At last, I came to my senses and typed in and learned that Sex and the City 2 was playing 1.2 miles from where I was standing that very minute. I showered and ate a leftover burrito in record time. I texted V Train to see if she could join me but she was booked, so I ventured out alone. And it was awesome. I bought popcorn and a gigantic Diet Coke. I sat right in the middle. I saw previews.

The movie was cute. If you're a woman and you haven't seen it yet, grab a bunch of girlfriends and treat yourself. I saw one woman walking her at-least-88-year-old-mom in by the arm, and a gang of 10 women who filled up the better part of a row. It's not cinema at it's finest, but it's a ton of chick fun.

I do have a warning for fellow moms, however: you may tear up if you are a sap like me. There is a part where Charlotte is trying to make cupcakes, take a call from Carrie, calm her screaming youngest child and pay attention to her icing-smearing oldest child, when she ends up crying in the pantry. The only thing that has stopped this exact episode from occurring in my own home is that we do not have a pantry. And there are some other mom-moments that are scary-relatable, but I will not share them, lest I spoil too much of the plot.

Anyway, I know Memorial Day is when we are supposed to remember all those unfathomably brave men and women who have made life in the States so worth celebrating. But I found it was a lot easier to take some time that weekend to pause and remember our soldiers after I had a little time to pause and remember myself.

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