Monday, April 2, 2012

No Llamas

This just in:  The Edge does not like llamas.

Actually, to be specific, The Edge does not want any llamas in his room.  Now, I'm no expert on Bethesda Maryland, but I feel fairly certain that we don't have a big llama problem here.

In fact, I have seen no llamas in Bethesda at all.  Or really in the entire DC metro area, now that I think of it. And we have been to the zoo three times.

But the other night, The Edge sat down on the floor with a piece of beige construction paper and a green crayon.  When he finished, he enlisted his sister Peapod's expertise to help him affix the paper to his bedroom door.

(Peapod's expertise is that she knows where we keep the tape.)

Moments later, I walked by The Edge's bedroom door.

Here's what I saw:

Four misshapen circles and a line.

Me:  "What's this on your door, buddy? Did you draw this?"

The Edge (indignantly): "No it's a siiiiiiiiiiign!"

Me:  "Oh.  Ok.  What's it got on it?"

The Edge (yelling now): "NO LLAMAS!"

Me:  "No llamas?  Really?"

Peapod: "Yeah Mom.  No llamas.  The Edge doesn't want any llamas to go into his room."

Me:  "Oh.  I see. Why no llamas, sweetpea?"

The Edge (rolling his eyes and exhaling): "Because llamas are baaaaad!"

Of course.

No further questions, your honor.