Friday, January 7, 2011

FinancialRx "Soft Launch"

With the new year comes some new news:  the "soft launch" of my website,

As some of you may know, I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of a new business venture with The Esposo and his business partner, who will heretofore be known in this blog as, simply, "Money."

Turns out that building a business, and designing a website from scratch is, like, hard!  The Esposo, Money, a talented German code writer who lives in Dallas (who I will name Das Boot because they're the only German words I know.  Sort of.) and I have been working on FinancialRx since the summer, designing the font end, building the back end, and writing and uploading the content.

So why is this a "soft launch?"  Because if you look at the site, you'll see that even though it has a fair amount of content and live ads, the subscription function is not live.  And this will be a key part of our revenue model and our public relations push. Also, the front page is not yet where we need it to be for the hard launch.  It's a bit messy right now, but we have plans in the works to change it.

So why are we even bothering with any type of launch now? Because we need to start building up some juice with Google, which you've heard me yammer on about before with The Esposo's website for finding health insurance, To do so, I need to execute a link strategy by creating external locations around the internet that have links back into various urls in the FinancialRx site, like the ones I'll gratuitously insert below.

When we execute our hard launch in a few months, I'll really be tapping into the talents of my network (that's you) to help get this thing off the ground. But in the mean time, there are actually two things you can do to help, if you have a minute or two to spare. You can visit the various pages on the site, read a few articles, and leave a comment or two and click the little "recommend" button with the thumbs up icon below the articles you like. Comments and recommendations also help to elevate the site in the eyes of Google.  This will help more than you may realize.

Now with that in mind, here are some suggestions of pages where you can start looking:

This is an article I wrote about buying a first house

And here's one that answers the question "what is a living trust?"

There are also a bunch of articles on much lighter financial topics. For example, here's one about saving money on kid's birthday parties.

And an idea for having free fun with toddlers at the train station.

We're creating to be a finance website for women, who are becoming the Chief Financial Officers of many American households. These women are busy and pressed for time, but they perceive themselves to lack competence in the area of finance, whether this perception reflects reality or not. At, we skip the tickers and and speak in plain English, not finance gobbely gook. We provide the information these women need, quickly and painlessly, so they can make a good decision and get back to their bustling households. Sometimes we even have a little fun.

We hope you'll join us on our journey toward a happy, healthy financial life.