Friday, November 5, 2010

Toddler for Sale: Cute.

Male.  Blue eyes, curly light brown hair, square feet.

Eats: everything but tomatoes and peas.

Likes: slides, the laundry bin, cats, a small brown dinosaur named Shmitty (replaceable for about $3.50), throwing legos and used cell phones down the stairs, the hose, Kidspace Children's Museum, his sister, dirt.

Dislikes: car seats, strollers, Raggedy Ann.

Knows approximately 3 dozen words; uses them to demand fish crackers, lit candles and video chats with grandparents.

Warning:  does not nap.


NaNa said...

SOLD! ! ! When can I pick him up? ;-D

Wendy Mihm said...

We've had several bids, but for some reason, no one has actually shown up to come get him! Hmmmm.

talin said...

Wendy, perhaps toddlers should be on loan. After all, they do provide great comic relief on occasion.
Thanks for the link. Funny thing is I opened it three times before I had a chance to read it. My children now own the computer just like they own the tv. Perhaps if I controlled broccoli like I control media they'd fight me over the crowns.