Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bag Lady

This time it's been an inexcusable 9 months since my last entry.  Whoops.

So what, after 9 months, would be so compelling an event as to draw me back to the blogosphere to write about it? Could it be putting our Pasadena house on the market and selling it 13 days later, while we were on vacation?


How about packing up all our stuff into over 100 boxes in preparation for moving from  LA to DC?


Well then how about my emergency abdominal surgery two days before the movers showed up?


Hmmm.  I got it!  Visualize this:  a poignant retelling of our family's multi-stage trip across the country, with gorgeous photos of the places we stopped and people we spent time with along the way.


Let me cut to the chase:  we moved a bunch and now we are settled in Bethesda, Maryland. There.

Ok, now here is what has motivated me to put fingers to keyboard and write again after a 9 month hiatus:


But not just any bag.  A NON DIAPER BAG.

Let me be crystal clear:  I HAVE PURCHASED A BAG THAT IS NOT DESIGNED TO CARRY DIAPERS, PEOPLE.  Here it is, in all it's glory:

For those keeping score, you might recall that Alex was potty trained way back in November of 2011. I know.  I was there.  But I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea that, after 5+ years with a diaper bag glued to my shoulder, I would not need to carry a bag designed specifically to lug an emergency stash of Huggies and the associated paraphernalia with me at all times.

The Esposo thought I was out of my mind.  But I simply could not get myself to ditch the diaper bag.  "Lookit all the awesome pockets!" I enthusiastically pointed out.  Yes.  And 'lookit the holes in the seams and the grunge on the bottom that I like to refer to as "clean dirt" because I've tried to wash it out so many times.'

But then a couple weekends ago, we gave away all our extra diapers to another family.  That's when it finally sunk into my fat head that I no longer have any babies in diapers anymore. And I decided to part with my beloved diaper bag.

I was sad for a bit.  No more drooly little babes wrapped in swaddling blankets, cooing at me from the crib.  Then I hit myself over the head with a bat and came to my freaking senses.


I'm free.

And the new bag is super cute, if I do say so myself.


~Mom said...

A bag is a bag by any other name would hold as much.

Vivienne said...

Hee!! Excellent choice, Wendy. ;) I'm glad to see you have your priorities quite straight! :D