Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fake Cats Re-Arranged My Tupperware Drawer

People who write books about raising kids:

  1. No longer have toddlers or babies and therefore have time to write actual books.
  2. Are smug.
Anyway, I listened to these people and put all my tupperware-like plastic food storage containers into one low drawer that I let Peapod and The Edge have access to. The idea, according to these books, is that you arrange a few drawers in your kitchen to have only "safe" items in them, and then let your kids do as they please. The theory is that these fussy small people won't go caveman on you, because you've put the rest of your far more interesting kitchen stuff behind toddler locks and electrified cow fence.

What these book authors don't talk about is how this little arrangement will drive you slowly insane.

Let me explain.

The Edge loves cats. Not only does he know every cat in the neighborhood, he can point out where every cat has been in the neighborhood, for roughly the past 6 days. He also likes to imitate cats, which has inspired his sister to do the same.

So now I have two fake cats, meowing and re-arranging my tupperware drawer. Let me assure you, it sounds much cuter than it actually is, especially when you are trying to unload the dishwasher.


V Train said...

That does sound cute! As I have my own little munchkin leaving assorted piles of tupperware strewn about the floor, I know that whatever cuteness there was from seeing your kid's look of glee as he tears up your drawer quickly dissipates when you're left picking up the tupperware for the umpteenth time that day.

Who are these evil people that write these books with these supposedly great parenting tips?!

Wendy Mihm said...

They are the people who are sipping sauvignon blanc and typing at a leisurely pace because their kids are off at Brown University. They have completely forgotten what it is like to have an actual toddler in the house.

That's who.