Friday, March 13, 2009

The Big, Fat Envelope

Rare is the occasion I get giddy about the mail. But among this week’s delivery of bank statements, Pavillion’s circulars, and duplicate Restoration Hardware catalogs, there was a big fat envelope from our top-choice preschool for Peapod! And for no reason at all, I attributed the enclosed acceptance letter to her sheer fabulousness.

Never mind that no one at the preschool has ever actually met Peapod. And never mind that she, herself, has never even set foot on campus. Her karma must just be so good that it seeped onto the application form and tumbled out for everyone in the school’s admission office to behold.

Ok, maybe not.

But when I skimmed those magical opening five words “It is with great pleasure…” my level of happiness was on par with that of the day I got my own fat envelope from Go Blue U.

Of course we immediately shared the happy news with Peapod. We explained to her about all the fun things she would do in preschool – Finger paints! Tricycles! Story time! -- and that classes would start in the fall. But because she has no sense of time and has been known to confuse “after your nap” with “the 4th of July,” she has taken to repeatedly asking “Can we go to preschool now?” and “Is this preschool?” when in fact it is the Target parking lot. But regardless of her confusion about the time-space continuum, she does seem genuinely enthused about the idea.

Let’s just hope that when the big first day of preschool arrives, we can be equally as excited then as we are now. And that I can actually let go of her hand and watch her walk in the door by her bad little self.

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