Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Laughs Minus the Earmuffs

This is the part where I shamelessly plug my new business venture.

My cousin and business parter, Dave Coulier, and I have officially launched The CleanGuys of Comedy Tour, 2008! I say "officially" because not only do we have an actual calendar that's starting to fill up with tour dates, but today I got us our very own corporate FedEx account. So do not mess with us, sister. We can ship stuff whenever we feel like it.

Our growing little empire is all about producing clean, family-friendly comedy content. Our goal is to provide families some relief from the constant barrage of raunchy media aimed at kids. We swear we're not thumping bibles or even saying that risque content has no place on the planet. Let's be real. After Peapod is in bed, I'm all for stuff blowing up and naked people. We're just filling what appears to be a gaping unmet need in the marketplace: hilarious live entertainment that can crack up the whole family while allowing parents to relax, instead of cringing when the guy onstage makes yet another joke about how funny it is that men love boobs. Even cooler is that you get to see Dave and his CleanGuys comedian friends Ryan Hamilton, Heath Hyche and Kivi Rogers together on one ticket. And they're all top-rate comedians in their own right.

If Dave's name seems familiar, you may remember him from his gig as the character “Joey” on the ABC TV series Full House, which now plays ad nauseum on the ABC Family Network and Nick at Nite. Anyway Dave and I are busy booking and promoting the CleanGuys tour, which may be coming to your town soon...

We already headlined the Detroit Comedy Festival in January to a sold out audience and rave reviews (yay us!). Our next gig is on March 1st in Bismarck, North Dakota. I know. It's far. So if your upcoming travel plans don't include a zip out to Bismarck, we're also playing down in Hermosa Beach, CA April 1-5 and again at the Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, CA on April 6th (Check out our MySpace page for the latest on tour dates).

So come on out and see us! We cannot promise there will be no armpit farts, but we can promise that everything you hear onstage will be equivalent to a “G” or a “PG” movie rating. And that you'll spit out your Skittles laughing.

Check out our first TV spot!

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